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GQ says goodbye to S, M, L and XL

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Launches new shirt sizing specific to Asian men, rebrand

BANGKOK, Thailand (September 2, 2019) — GQ Apparel, an end-to-end men’s apparel brand under Supara Group, interviewed and measured 1,000 Thai men in order to collect body measurement data points and qualitative data to create GQSize™, a new sizing algorithm specific to Asian men.

GQ used the body measurement data points to create 10 unique sizes in 1 c.m. increments from 39-48 c.m. Customers can find their GQ Size™ by simply measuring the distance between their shoulders.

GQ is selling its Essential Collection of GQ Size™ dress shirts and line of suiting on its new e-commerce site,, which came online Sept. 1. GQ also finished remodeling & refreshing its more than 150 point-of-sale retail stores in Thailand with the brand’s new look and feel in August.

Research and Development of GQ Size™

GQ went to provinces across Thailand to take men’s body measurements, including chest-length, neck circumference, arm length, and torso length. GQ converted each of these measurements into data points, which they used to formulate a new sizing standard. GQ then spent more than 10,000 hours in development using 10,000 data points before perfecting the GQ Size™ algorithm and measurement method.

During the interviews GQ conducted with the study participants, GQ found that more than 75 percent of men did not know their shirt fit, and more than 25 percent of men did not know their shirt size.

“Everything in our world today is data-driven, so why aren’t our clothes?” said Win Thanapisitikul, Chief Executive Officer of Supara Group. “Shirts in sizes small to extra large are driven by mass manufacturing and can even vary from brand to brand, not to mention they don’t exactly fit everyone well. We wanted to solve the fit problem with data and good design, and just from seeing men try on shirts in their GQ Size™, and seeing that shirt fit them perfectly ― we’ve done it.”

GQ’s Rebrand and New Shopper Experience

In order to modernize and adapt to a rapidly changing market, GQ is rebranding with a focus on enhancing the customer experience. This is the first major rebrand for GQ during the company’s more than 50-year history.

This includes a new modern, minimalist redesign of its point-of-sales locations in department stores around Thailand to improve the shopper experience, a new logo, and new packaging design.

GQ also created a new e-commerce website,, where customers can shop online and even download a printable measuring tape to help them calculate their GQ Size™ at home.

GQ is also shifting away from its former model of releasing new lines of clothes seasonally, now with a focus on solution-driven design and creating highly functional elevated basics.

“Our approach to design is we identify a problem, and then we seek out to fix it with good design and good materials,” said George Hartel, Chief Commercial Officer of Supara Group.

“We want to make apparel that can actually improve your life. For example, we created a special pocket in all our suiting pants for your mobile phone, so your phone doesn’t fall out of your pocket when you sit down or get scratched by your keys or wallet. These are the kinds of things we are spending thousands of hours in development on. It’s a small detail, but it can improve the wearing experience.”

About Supara Group

Supara Group’s story begins in the 1930s, when Phisit Thanapisitikul and his father started making custom tailormade shirts in a shophouse at the end of a small soi in Bangkok, Thailand. Almost 90 years later, Supara Group is still designing, innovating and pushing the menswear industry forward at the end of the same soi. As a vertically-integrated apparel company, Supara Group has decades of experience manufacturing high-quality apparel. Today Supara Group’s brand portfolio includes GQ, Giffini, and CL Modern Simplicity, with more than 400 point-of-sales locations across Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Supara Group is the holder of the trademark for GQ Apparel, GQ Size™ and Supara Group in Thailand and many countries across Asia.

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