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GQ Apparel’s GQWhite™ Expects to Take Thai Market by Storm with 12 Innovative Features

  • Patent-pending, the shirt offers 12 innovative features that will make your life easier

  • With a more than 200 million baht investment, the sales are expected to reach over 400 million baht in revenue

  • GQ sets a goal to become the leader in the white shirt industry in Thai and international markets.

GQ Apparel unveils GQWhite™ ― the ultimate white shirt ― with 12 innovative new features to solve the everyday problems men experience while wearing white shirts, making GQ Apparel the leader of the white shirt market in Thailand and internationally.

GQ Apparel gathered consumer insights to understand what “pain points,” or annoyances men had with wearing white shirts. These insights showed that men were hesitant to wear white because they are easily ruined by stains, whether caused by spills or by yellow sweat stains around the collar. White shirts also visibly show sweat stains, like under the armpit, which men said they were embarrassed by. With these insights, GQ Apparel sought to solve these problems through smart design and cutting-edge textile technology.

CEO of Supara Group WIn Thanapisitikul sits in a chair smiling looking at the camera in a black GQ Essentials button-down long-sleeve dress shirt.
Win Thanapisitikul, CEO

“We hyper-focused on making the perfect version of one shirt, and that took time, brain-power, and stretching past the comfort zone of men’s apparel,” said Win Thanapisitikul, CEO of GQ Apparel. “We asked our consumers what issues they have with wearing a white shirt, and then we got to work to fix them. It took a lot of trial and error, investment in new technology and 1,000s of micro-decisions to lead us to GQWhite™, which is ultimately a product we can truly stand behind.”

There are five highlighted technology features of GQWhite™:

  1. GQ GUARD - With GQ GUARD, the shirt is treated with a special technology that shields the shirt against spills and stains. Stains easily wash off with water and repel from the fabric.

  2. GQ SMART - Advanced dipping process and smart seam tape ensures the shirt stays wrinkle-free. Self-ironing technology allows the shirt to release wrinkles as it’s worn.

  3. GQ COLLAR - Specialized coating on the collar helps prevent the collar from yellow sweat or skincare stains.

  4. GQ SIZE™ - A new sizing algorithm derived from a fit study of 1,000 Thai men. GQSizeincludes 10 unique sizes from 39-48 cm and is the most shirt sizes available on the market.

  5. GQ STRETCH - The collar can expand up to 1 cm for greater comfort and for men with larger necks. The “BUFFET BUTTON,” or the 6th and 7th buttons at the waist level, can expand up to 3 mm for post-meal comfort.

GQ Apparel produced 300,000 shirts for the first lot of GQWhite™ in late October. It is expected that the revenue will reach 400 million baht, making GQ one of the key players among Thai brands in the white shirt industry.

“We made an investment into making a product that really works for our customers because we want to be our consumers’ brand of choice,” said Thanapisitikul. “Ultimately we want to be making products that get our customers to say, ‘This is how a white shirt should’ve always been.’ This is how we lead the industry in Thailand.’”

GQWhite™ ― the ultimate white shirt ― is now available at a special price of 1,390 Baht each (limited stock), from the full price of 1,990 Baht at 140 GQ stores nationwide or online at

If the size doesn’t fit, GQ offers returns for items within 365 days of online purchase.

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