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Supara Group

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Think about the last time a shirt changed your life. Maybe you didn’t think about it at the time, but what shirt were you wearing when you got your dream job, got married, or celebrated your child’s graduation?

We’ve spent the last 50 years building our three brands — GQ, Giffini, and CL Modern Simplicity — to provide our customers with quality apparel they can wear to all the important things in life.

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As a vertically integrated apparel company, we are focused on solution-driven design and innovating every step of the manufacturing-to-retail process for an exceptional consumer experience.

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We believe style is personal, but quality is essential. We built our three unique brands on a strong foundation of craftsmanship and decades of industry experience.

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From our Sales Associates who remember all their customers’ names to our design teams spending 10,000 hours developing one shirt, Supara Group is made of dedicated employees who care about their work and our customers.

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